Liber 17B 18B mailbox   

Liber 17B 18B mailbox

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Mail box / newspaper holder 2 mm
Support   Ų 42 mm
Hot-dip galvanised steel or hot-dip galvanised and powder coated steel.
For standard colours, see product info.

Ruko lock incl. 2 keys.

Available with light fitting / newspaper holder.

Mounting on wall or embedded support.

Ordering data Liber:
L17B: Liber 17 mailbox
L17A: Liber 17 newspaper holder
L17R: Liber 17 support for mailbox
L18B: Liber 18 mailbox
L18A: Liber 18 newspaper holder
L18R: Liber 18 support for mailbox

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 Design: Friis & Moltke Design A/S

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